Fixed and Foldable header for Sunflower, Sorghum & Sesame


Fixed headers: TM.TI 

n° of rows:        4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12


Foldable  headers: TM.TI RP 1

n° of rows:        6, 8, 10, 12


Spacing  cm. 70 – 75 – 80

Other spacing & number of rows on request


The fixed and foldable headers for sunflower, sorghum and sesame operate with all combines makes and models.

The header is made with concave covers which minimize product losses and with gathering units electrically welded and with water tight zinc-plated gear boxes.

The main auger with a variable pitch is provided with adjustable winglets in function of the width of the combine feeding channel.

On fixed headers the rear external transmission includes a transmission chain with turnbuckle, a bolted gear, a splined shaft and an external supporting carter.

The TM.TI – RP 1 model with external transmission allows the tilting of the combine channel with 6 to 10 row headers. When folding the header, it is necessary to disconnect the transmission shafts.







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